Feb 10, 2014

Bangalore gets six free Wi-Fi spots

            Bangalore gets six free Wi-Fi spots

The Karnataka government  launched free Wi-Fi connectivity in six commercial hotspots in Bangalore. This is said to be the first free, public Wi-Fi service of its kind in India. Some airports and confined retail spacesoffer free Wi-Fi. The service will be extended to 10-15 more locations over the next few months.

Public Wi-Fi will enable you to access the internet on your mobile devices even when you are on the road. You then do not need a 2G or 3G connection.

Many applications can be built using free public Wi-Fi. Bangalore is looking at using it for high-definition traffic surveillance, and parking management. Cameras have already been installed at Wi-Fi hotspots, and you can view the traffic conditions on those roads. There are plans to install sensors on road sides, which will then help people to use mobile devices to know where parking is available.

At these six spots, one can access Internet at a speed of up to 512kbps and the usage will be limited to three hours per day or up to 50MB data.

Around the world, many governments and cities are beginning to provide free Wi-Fi connectivity. In the US, at least 57 cities now have free Wi-Fi. Many European and Asian cities too provide free public Wi-Fi.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation plans to provide free Wi-Fi network across the city. The service will enable anyone with a PC or a laptop to access Internet anywhere in the city, including in cars and trains, without the need for cable connections.

Mumbai Mayor Sunil Prabhu said the project proposal is still at a nascent stage and the civic body was working on the security aspects. "We have appointed consultants who are studying how all security concerns can be addressed before kickstarting the project," Prabhu said.