Jan 31, 2015

Microsoft Launches HoloLens – The Future of Technology?

When Microsoft held its Windows 10 event last week at its headquarters in Washington, no one was expecting a new futuristic wearable device. The tech company astounded everyone with the announcement about HoloLens, Microsoft’s sleek-looking headset, complete with transparent lenses.  

It really does look like something straight out of a science fiction film but what does it   actually do and is it something that is going to used by the masses?  
Microsoft clearly thinks so and sees a future where people are able to see interactive, 3D images on top of what  they already see in everyday, real life situations. Here’s your quick guide to HoloLens and everything it has to offer. Microsoft’s idea behind HoloLens is not to transport you into another world but rather to bring technology into the very world you’re living in. The device has been designed to overlay objects and images on top of what you already see in a room, so you can still see and converse with other people.

Transform your world with holograms.

We envisioned a world where technology could become more personal—where it could adapt to the natural ways we communicate, learn, and create. Where our digital lives would seamlessly connect with real life.
The result is the world’s most advanced holographic computing platform, enabled by Windows 10. For the first time ever, Microsoft HoloLens brings high-definition holograms to life in your world, where they integrate with your physical places, spaces, and things.
Holograms will improve the way you do things every day, and enable you to do things you’ve never done before.

Empowering you to achieve more.

Microsoft HoloLens puts you at the center of a world that blends holograms with reality. With the ability to design and shape holograms, you’ll have a new medium to express your creativity, a more efficient way to teach and learn, and a more effective way to visualize your work and share ideas. Your digital content and creations will be more relevant when they come to life in the world around you.

Go beyond the screen.

As holograms, your digital content will be as real as physical objects in the room. For the first time, holograms will become practical tools of daily life.
Shape holograms to fine-tune a design. Interact with them to learn something new. When you share your ideas, show and tell from multiple perspectives. Microsoft HoloLens enables you to make decisions more confidently, work more effectively, and bring your ideas to life right before your eyes.

A new reality.

Microsoft HoloLens goes beyond augmented reality and virtual reality by enabling you to interact with three-dimensional holograms blended with your real world. Microsoft HoloLens is more than a simple heads-up display, and its transparency means you never lose sight of the world around you. High-definition holograms integrated with your real world will unlock all-new ways to create, communicate, work, and play.

A more natural way to interact

A more natural way to interact.

There isn’t a screen to touch or a mouse to click. Use gestures to create, shape, and size holograms. Use your eyes to navigate and explore. Use your voice to communicate with your apps. Microsoft HoloLens understands your movements, vision, and voice, enabling you to interact with content and information in the most natural way possible.

Explore places you’ve never been.

Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will soon be exploring Mars using holograms of Mars Rover images. They will work as if they can walk on the surface of Mars, an experience previously impossible. As a result, they will be able to learn at a faster pace than ever before.

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